My Pappy

My grandfather, I called him Pappy, left quite an impression on me, even though I was “no bigger than a cricket” when he passed away. Some sayings he had were so funny, they still make me laugh today. Thankfully they were repeated often and remembered, so I can share them with you here. Some of them didn’t make much sense, but he was wise in his own way, and I think he just wanted to make us laugh. I always think of him as kind of a southern westerner, or a western southerner. He was a cowboy with horses and a ranch, but he had southern roots and loved his soul food!

I remember he was about six feet tall and skinny as a string bean, and my daddy told me he could put away a whole ham by himself. He worked hard his whole life, in a fuse factory, where he actually got lung cancer and died before he could even retire. But even though he was sick and tired, he never had a harsh word or look for anybody. He even took time to teach me how to roller skate. My “grammy” didn’t cook all that well, so he’d be in the kitchen on his days off, “fixing” her meals, adding a little of this and a pinch of that, which drove her crazy. One of his favorite things to say was “use what you got, be happy with what you have.” Through the years, and especially in these times, when trips to the grocery store are less frequent, and some of the shelves are empty, I’ve been learning to use what I got. And I am definitely happy with what I have: my son and daughter in law, a home, and my little pooch, Beowoof. I remember Pappy so fondly and hope you can find some comfort in his kitchen too.


Me and Pappy when I was a baby

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